Sewstern Lane Wind Farm

Consultation website for the six wind turbine proposal.

It is proposed that the six turbines would be built on land at Thacksons Well Farm off Sewstern Lane in Lincolnshire
This website contains maps and visualisations of the six turbines and some background information to inform you about the project.

An application to South Kesteven District Council has now been submitted. The application (including the full Environmental Statement) can be viewed here.

The application is for six turbines with a maximum height to tip of 110m.

Six turbines of the size proposed would supply enough electricity for up to 9,500 homes, and would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 15,000 tonnes per year.

An application to South Kesteven District Council has now been submitted and can be viewed here. If the wind farm is consented and constructed as planned, revenue from the turbines will support a significant community fund of at least £90,000 per annum over the lifetime of the project. The community fund will be available to support local good causes and environmental initiatives, and will be administered locally.

Whirlwind Renewables is an independent Yorkshire based renewable energy developer who have developed this proposal with a team of environmental specialists. Following the planning and consenting process, the turbines will have to be ordered and a connection to the electricity network prepared. We estimate that construction would occur in 2016/2017 and that the turbines would operate for 30 years.

Maps & Downloads
The submitted application which includes all high-resolution plans and photomontages can be viewed here
Feedback Questionnaire

Thank you for your feedback. The pre-application consultation period has now closed.
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